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[IMG]Adam and Luke at State.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:53 117K 
[IMG]Ashley, Ashlea, Becky, Katie, Eva, emily, Luarie at W.GA.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:53 116K 
[IMG]Becky at nationals.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:54 142K 
[IMG]Ben and Adam at Clemson Relays.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:54 115K 
[IMG]Christmas Picture, Include this one please!.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:54 110K 
[IMG]Lynn,Tyler, Katie at Navy.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:54 130K 
[IMG]Ryan at Emory.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:55 78K 
[IMG]another of wacky day.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:50 121K 
[IMG]bervard pic.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:51 72K 
[IMG]christmas party pic.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:51 85K 
[IMG]getting pumped.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:51 79K 
[IMG]group at nationals.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:51 139K 
[IMG]men's start IWU.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:54 110K 
[IMG]nationals.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:51 122K 
[IMG]nationals 002.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:51 220K 
[IMG]nationals 029.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:52 264K 
[IMG]nationals 030.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:52 312K 
[IMG]nationals 035.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:52 251K 
[IMG]nationals 036.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:52 233K 
[IMG]nationals 050.jpg12-Dec-2005 14:52 294K 

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